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About us

AUI - is a virtual airline, for simulate fly activity in the IVAO network. We using Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-plane flight simulator. VA AUI is Ukraine leading virtual airline for flight simulator. Our primary base is Kiev, Borispol airport.

“The most taste virtual airline”

Do you know, what is a Vitrual Airline?

A virtual airline (VA) is an online organisation of flight simulator enthusiasts flying together in one community under ine name. The idea is to make your flight simulator experience more realistic and enjoyable. A virtual airline aims to mirror the operations of a real airline.

Just imagine the people, who very like aviation, sky and aircrafts. They can watching how the airplanes airborne and landing in airport for hour and hours.

We are the people who like aviation and even more we are patriots of Ukraine International Airlines. Here, in the internet we create virtual office, paint the liveries and operate flights for AUI.

The company is virtual but people is real

Even in fact that our company is a virtual organisation, we have time for real meeting and fun together.

Our community is a people from different cities from the world. When our friends from Germany or other countries come to Kiev, we like to play bowling, visit museum and drink beer together.

We like to made conference together. Usually we define the city and come to this place from different city.

You can watch how we made "Virtual Aviation" conference in Odessa. Just run the video and watch how we can make a fun together.

С нетерпением ждем пополнения и на следующих наших встречах, обязательно, рады будем видеть Вас в наших рядах.

* * *

We are very friendly community, we are the patriots of Ukraine International. We like to fly together and we glad to meet each other in real life.

We made fun =)

Join us as and we never make you bored!

AUI Team on Odessa Virtual Aviation Conference

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