Charter of the Airline

I. Preamble 1.1 The virtual airline "Ukraine International Airline", hereinafter "AUI", is a virtual airline with internal rules and charter. Read more
1.2 The main purpose of AUI is to unite people who are fond of aviation in Ukraine and the world under the brand of the powerful, largest Ukrainian carrier "Ukraine International Airline" and simulate its activities in the virtual aviation world, the IVAO network.

1.3 Our slogan is Be a Patriot of airline! Our principle is IVAO for ALL Our policy is Solidarity ( we stand for equality in the network regardless of age, rating and plaque < / b>).

1.4 VA AUI is not a legal entity, does not engage in commercial and financial activities, but is a voluntary community of like-minded people united by a common passion - aviation and flights in the network using computer simulators.

1.5 VA AUI flights are performed only in ONLINE mode, only in the IVAO network using simulators MSFS2004, MSFSX, X-plane.

1.6 The VA AUI Web site is located at; The Forum "AUI" is located at; The voice server of TS3 is located at
II. Registration data 2.1 VA "AUI" is an officially registered company in the IVAO ™ network. Read more
2.2 Our registration number in IVAO ™ 6394, assigned to us in 2006.
2.3.Details of registration:
2.3.1 ICAO code - AUI
2.3.2 IATA code - PS
2.3.3 Callsign - Ukraine International (in Russian: Юкрэйн Интернешнл)
2.3.4 The founder of the company is Andrii Bogoslavets

2.4 The IAU fleet (and the MTL package in the IVAO ™ network) corresponds to the real-world fleet and consists of short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul aircraft.
2.4.1 A list of fleet aircraft can be found on the website of the virtual company.
Міжнародні Авіалінії України
III. Conditions for joining VA "AUI" 3.1 Anyone who completes the form in the "Join" section and has been interviewed using any available means of communication (telephone, skype, TS3) with the head of one of the squadrons can apply for membership in AUI. Read more

3.2 The company guarantees the provision of a virtual pilot, the necessary information and materials for conducting flights in the network, the future pilot of the VA AUI, meets the following minimum criteria:
3.2.1 Has a minimum age of 14 years.
3.2.2 Registered with the Virtual Aviation Network IVAO ™.
3.2.3 Has a desire to learn to fly according to the rules of IVAO ™.
3.2.4 Is agree to use the XAcars flight accounting system of the company.
3.2.5 Supports the company's policies, principles and slogan. (look # 1.3).
3.3 People who do not meet these simple requirements will not be accepted into the company.
3.3.1 The already existing pilots of the company and subsequently violating the rules and regulations of the company can be withdrawn from the pilots.
3.3.2 People who by their actions deliberately harm the image and activities of IAU and its pilots may be denied registration.
IV. Conditions to stay in VA "AUI" 4.1 First of all, we are a friendly team, therefore the very first condition for staying with us in the team is openness and sociability. For this purpose we created the Forum and the Voice channel of the company (look # 1.6).
4.2 To each participant, VA "AUI" assigns a personal callsign for flights, such as AUIxxx where xxx is the personal number chosen and agreed upon by you at registration.
4.2.1 Pilot VA "AUI" in the right to fly under any digital call sign company. Usually it uses its callsign in the AUIxxx system, or the flight number from the IATA code. For example, the call sign of the flight PS9901 will look like AUI9901, and the call sign of the pilot registered in the system as AUI513 will have the same kind of AUI513 for flights.
4.3 There are some requirements that are put forward to us by IVAO ™ and our company and we therefore ask you to follow the following criteria:
4.3.1 We ask you, if possible, to do all flights under the call sign AUI, regardless of your aircraft.
4.3.2 We ask you to do at least 4 flights a month (if possible, allocate 2 hours of flight time per week).
4.3.3 We ask you, in the days of official events supported by the airline, to use exclusively aircraft of our fleet (for them there are MTL packages). Information about such events is published on our website
4.3.4 We keep statistics, and therefore we ask you to use the XAcars system, during flights, always. (In case of failure, send flight data using the sending system in your account). More details about the system can be found here.
4.3.5 The policy of non-activity, provides for the preservation of your call sign within 3 months from the date of the last flight. After 3 months you will be transferred to the list of non-active pilots, but you will still remain in the reserves of pilots of IA "UIA".
4.3.6 In order to resume membership in AUI, you should simply inform one of the company's managers about it.
V. Transitional Provisions 5.1.1 This statute takes effect from the date of its publication.
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